Why Import from China ?

Many people asks themselves why should I purchase goods from china While I can rely on my country’s local market ?

This question is quite interesting from so here is the aspect cons and pros.

China is one of the largest countries on the planet , today the population in china is around 1,750,000,000 people . The Chinese economy today is remarkable and the GDP is $14.172 Trillion. Today the major change in China in compare for 10-20 years before is technology . The technology had huge impact on the Chinese people , they have more access and can connect clients all around the world which had bring chances for the Chinese business and for the clients to get more from the competition in the Chinese market within great quality and great prices . 

The major trades shows in Home appliance, decorations , technology , cellular, smart energy , furniture , and much more are in china so many buyers all around the world come to see the innovation in their section in china trades shows .



  1. Attractive prices then local market.
  2. New products on Frequently.
  3. Technology innovators.
  4. World-Wide trade option.
  5. A great Selection of products.
  6. Create you’re own Brand for your products.
  7. Tremendous opportunities to get new ideas for new / exciting business.
  8. Highly competitive market provides great selection of suppliers .
  9. Provide you more profits margins.
  10. High Quality goods


  1. Should invest some starting amount of money to purchase goods.
  2. Logistic costs.
  3. Location.
  4. Goods returns should be the responsibility of the importer.
  5. Delivery time is longer than the local market.
  6. language (not all of the Chinese suppliers knows proper English)
  7. Diffrent Mentality
  8. Huge selection of suppliers may sometimes make the client hard decision to choose the proper supplier.

So as you can see , today china had improved the quality problem and make a great change and dramatically reduced the ecological issues and today the pollution rate reduced by hundreds of percentages down so if your problems to import from china was the pollution you can be relaxed the Chinese government perfectly deal to reduce the pollution.

The technology that controlled by the Chinese manufacturers and factories changed dramatically the quality so today you can be sure that the returns rate are down much more then years ago but you still need to choose proper supplier that will supplies you good quality within good price .

You can build you’re line of products within short time and start selling it in your local market which make a huge difference then last century’s today more brands are coming to the market and you can also build you’re own brand in short time , also if you already have a brand you can quickly .  

Why Yiwu Click?

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Yiwu Market

Why Import from China ?

Why Import from China ? Many people asks themselves why should I purchase goods from china While I can rely on my country’s local market

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