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As a lot of people ask me recently what advantages Yiwu Market have upon others market like market in Guangzhou, Shenzhen , Hong Kong , and directly with factories . I decided to do a deep research to provide to most professional and accurately answers to these questions.

1. Low MOQ – As I deeply searched this point this is very important to understand this Yiwu Market advantages in this field so As I tried to do the same business for our clients which looks for LOW MOQ from many models and place order these is the disadvantages in Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc . 

A.If you are looking to expand your products lines and have more models , new items and don’t want to take the risk of big amounts and big qty it will be very Difficult for a local supplier from Guangzhou , Shenzhen wholesale markets ETC. to supply to supply 5-10 CTN each models which means the quantity requirements of their factories suppliers are High and almost impossible to supply less then 5-10 CTN each model which means even if the shop agreed to supply low MOQ as 1-10 CTN the will take the price up and also will many problems in the delivery time . * One good point for These Guangzhou , Shenzhen market ETC. is if you are buying big qty bulks so price is competitive and you can find that the delivery time is FAST.

For surmise to this point :

Yiwu Market is great platform to find goods in LOW MOQ with very good price and very fast delivery time . Which means if you work smoothly with your agent and he provides you good service as we provide 😏 he’ll take care for you for the LOW MOQ and support you with very fast delivery time for LOW MOQ.


2. High Profits – Yiwu Market at the start was mainly solution for Chinese local market and during the successful idea of encouraging competitive market it has Become 35% supply to the world and 65% to Chinese market it keep the price very competitive because China today during the Internet Age and Alibaba that changed dramatically the competition in the local market  and still main customers from Yiwu Market are Chinese which means the pricing is very good. As many foreigners still don’t know that this Amazing market exists it still giving you the opportunity to find GREAT GREAT prices like the Chinese Local market buyers , Don’t Waste your time if you are buying bulks from china and come to Yiwu Market to grow your profits Dramatically! Let’s talk numbers – Yiwu Wholesale shops mostly do 3-5% (from factory price)profits for each deals and sometimes even sell less then market value prices or without profits which means they loss money just to get rid of some goods and you can get the products you want at very good prices ! so profits at your local market for wholesale is about 75%-125% at least and for retailers is about 150%-400% depends on the items and you are still keeping very competitive price at your locals market !

3. Reduce Risk  – Yiwu Market is known market for LOW MOQ from products which means if a new items launch to the market and you want to be first to launch it in your market or just be main player on this item in your local market to achieve more customers and profits BUT you don’t want to take risk of taking big quantity and have big risk for the item because you don’t know how the market will react trough this new item in Yiwu market you can find it at very good price and cab buy only few cartons to check the items without any risk which at other wholesale market in china it would be almost impossible to get LOW QTY as at Yiwu market which is a big advantage to Yiwu Market.

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